View from the upper parking lot at the park summit.

Larrabee was beautiful

28 | Apr | '19
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Parked at the Lost Lake trailhead and started up the road for the first time. Took about an hour to get up to the top with stops for pictures and then a little rest while enjoying the upper lot view. While recharging the phone for the rest of the ride i moved the bike and my cable got tangled in my rear cassette... so much for that wire.  I continued North on the Ridge Trail first to cover the length of the park since i have never been here before. It is a lot of up and down, really rooty, and some hike a bike. It isn't really a continuous ride. The return on the Lost Lake Trail was nice but not really single track. Once you get to the peak of the trail, the downhill down to Double Down is relaxing. Double Down is a challenging trail of roots and drops and I got a little tentative at one point and had a fall line mishap, but no blood. It was a really good time all around and a shuttle this summer will be a little more fun. Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2019