WOW! Epic Adventure Ride

18 | Sep | '18
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This can be an amazing! ride, on the right bike. I rode a Specialized Fatboy with 4.6” tires and 80mm of front suspension. It was really, really, really fun! However, my partner rode it on a feather light hardtail 29er with 2.3” tires and he was truly miserable. I didn’t think it was all that technical but it has its rough and raw spots. The super scenic parts have a lot of small rocks and rough ground and that is where you should have full suspension or a fat bike to smooth out the trail. Wide tires are big plus on this ride as it gets loose and pumice-sandy towards the bottom. It also helps to run your tires soft.

Is it worth it? Oh yeah, I think so. I would classify this as an epic PNW adventure ride that is true to our region. It is probably my new favorite. However, I am not a normal person and am a bit of granola. I love back country stuff way more than bike park routes. If you are like me, then I encourage you to explore this trail.

Submitted by trek4fun on 03/30/2019

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