Burned trees on the way up 7174.

Trails in great shape, fire is sadness but leads to growth

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Rode corral pass/dalles ridge/palisades alone on a lovely day in late september. I parked at the Ranger Creek parking lot, across 410 then up to white river trail. White river trail was in very good shape, lovely duff. Can see some places where fire reached almost to the highway and the duff has been burned to dirt. Corral pass gate was closed. The 7174 road was unusually difficult this time even though road was in good shape. Everything around the parking lot at top was burned completely. Dalles ridge trail was in very good shape. Descent to structure was in great shape, I think one downed log. Descent of palisades was the best I've ever had. Almost all duff, no gravel or loose scree. Just divine. No wind at the cliff lookouts, I watched 3 turkey vultures whoosh by for 10 minutes before they circled away. Final descent below stairs sucked (like always) but trail was in great shape. I had a leg cramp so took a right when intersected white river trail and had a nice descent to highway, then road up highway for 15 minutes to ranger creek turnoff. Excellent ride. I've never seen it with such still air. With so many black dead trees I'd be wary of going up there in the wind!

Submitted by ericchri on 09/27/2018