Blueberry and fern meadow at the end of the trail.

A real gem, and improving!

20 | Sep | '18
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No signage yet at the parking lot, which is shared with the Jennifer Dunn trail (posted No Bikes).  The first mile or so is under constructio, diligently being converted/improved from abandoned forrest road to singlettack, but is very ridable, mostly level with a few easy creek crossings. After that, the route starts a few long swithbacks up the ridge along a slightly more mature singlettack to a lovely viewpoint. Weather was perfect, with nice views south across the Skykomish valley. After this, the trail becomes purpose-built fast twisty singlettack through the trees...a slow, grueling climb towards the ridgetop, but a blast on the way back down. The last 1/4 mile or so is a fairly primitive still, but mostly flat, tracking across a dramatic, extremely steep-sloped meadow of ferns and fat ripe Blueberries, with a nice bench at the end of the currently-improved trail.   About 2hrs climb to the top, :45+ down. The entire trail is in excellent, brush-free condition, and the trail crew is doing an oustanding job!  Get out and ride this trail!

Submitted by Blearned on 09/24/2018