Watch for brambles!

04 | Sep | '18
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First trip to South Seatac park today, to check it out and try out my new tubeless tire setup. I think I'm glad I went tubeless on this ride, because I had a lot of thorns stuck in my tires (and in my arms!) when I got home.

The trails are much more overgrown than North Seatac, some with blackberry brambles reaching across the trail. It would require a significant trimming effort to get some of them back in shape. On the other hand, there are plenty of fun sections that won't leave you bleeding, though the ivy on the ground is starting to encroach.

I mostly stayed on the east side. I crossed the road to check out the berms and such on the west, but it looks like quite a few of them have been regraded and it's not even clear if that section is supposed to still be open to bikes.

With some work, this could be another fun area for post-work playing around (it's 5 minutes ride from Angle Lake Link station), like North Seatac is, but as it stands I probably won't go back.

Here's my wandering ride track:


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