First MTB camping trip

A friend and I started at the Ceder Falls trailhead and begain the 40 mile ride to the Lake Easton State Park for an overnight and back. It was a great weekend. The trail was in great shape all the way and the tunnel "air conditioning" was a welcome cooling on the warm day, both ways. I was pulling my Bob trailer on my 29r and pulling a total of 60 lbs. The trailer was great and the trip a success. The funny part of the trip was that a half marathon had started at the same time we did from Hyak and finished on the trail about where the fire training academy and rock climbing was. The first finishers were getting there just as we were.  The GPS track and many pictures are here. We had a reservation at the campground since the 2 bike sites are first come first served and we didn't want to risk the shutout. When we arrived, a bike site was available and since it was a full weekend, they moved us to the bike site to make room for one more car.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/12/2017