Mission Ridge Report: Riding Very Well

Rode yesterday (thanks @harking for the pre-ride beta). Hadn't been there in a few years and typically wouldn't have gone mid-summer usually saving this one as a fall ride, however the forecast looked cooler than typical and we had drizzle in the parking lot and it had rained earlier which tamped down the trail dust nicely though adding a slight (unwanted) tackiness to the climb, but I guess you can't have it all.

NAVIGATION TIP: The "road climb" (FR7100) is really not much of a road anymore. It's become overgrown and unmaintained and is now a mix of singletrack, double-track, and a little classic forest road, and because of this it is a bit tricky to spot the entrance. As you're ascending the road from the TH parking lot DO NOT ride through the gate at ~2.6 miles - the gate does have an FR sign, (FR7101), but we missed it. At the gate, there is a berm on the right which dips down into a creek crossing which then transitions to a wide singletrack - this is where you want to go, which is the old FR7100, and the start of the climb.

We rode Mission Ridge instead of Devil's as we got another good trail report from some friendly locals that it hadn't (yet) been fully churned-up and trenched-out from motos, but this can change, though as of (July 10, 2016) it was in excellent shape and is a much more interesting descent then Devil's with more diversity of terrain (i.e., trail / topography / views) with one (actually three) caveats : )  there are three sharp singletrack climbs during your descent, of course what goes up must then come down, but comng after 4,000 ft of gain, these are definitely bonus! : )  so ready yourself, but in the end well worth it!





Submitted by robbayu on 07/11/2016