Wow ten minutes of the most fun ever

04 | Jul | '16

Awsome ride I will not tell you that the climb is hard and some spots look scary in a couple spots there was a couple people went ahead of me my wife and the 7 and 3 year old but the 3 year old was on my bike in a weeride so we met them about half way they where coming down the laid and the gentalman were on nicer bike then we where even though I have mukluk front suspension the laid got scared of the trail going up but did turn us. The trail up is narrow but the trail going down is wide super fast but if know how to use brakes you will be fine took us 3:30 with the kids day before went in the morning by my self 1:23 worth the 10min ride down oh yeah the view is amazing everywhere loved would come back for sure next time video 

Submitted by ivahal on 07/04/2016