Still awesome!

09 | Feb | '16

I used to ride Tolt pretty regularly, but hadn't been back since before the big clear-cut.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  Not only were a lot of my old favorite trails still around - and in the forest - but much of the stuff running through the new clear-cut has been resurrected and is fun.  So great job to all the regular maintainers out here.  The trails were in awesome shape, and I had a great time.  It's clearly still getting a lot of use despite the lack of updates to this trail page.  On that note: the maps posted here are out of date, especially given the clear-cut impact.  Don't sweat it, just ride.  Also, King County has begun to put up nice signage on a lot of the trail intersections, marking trail names and distances to junctions - but, it is completely contradictory to the existing maps (on this site), which use all different names.  Don't sweat it, just ride.

Submitted by r1de on 02/14/2016