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Lower Tiger Winter Maintenance Party

01/19/2020,  9:00 am -  3:00 pm
Work Parties
Bryan Connolly

Join us for routine maintenance and improvements to one of our greatest winter riding gems. The Legend- Megafauna- Easy, Tiger loop is below usual snow levels on the mountain and provides a super fun riding fix for those short winter days when most of the trails are snowed out. While often neglected due to their relative separation from the rest of the network, these work parties provide volunteers direct access to the trail. And, of course we will save time to ride!

Nothing shakes off the winter blues like a proper Legend session.



We will meet at the 7000 Road gate at 9:00am.

From I-90; the gate is 3 miles up SR18. As soon as you see the concrete center barrier you want to be in the righthand lane and slowing down. This exit is easy to miss and difficult to return to if you pass it.

From south; unfortunately you must drive to the I-90 interchange and turn around to get here. Just before the I-90 East exit there are safe places to turn around on either side of road. PLEASE do not attempt to make a U-turn on SR18. This is extremely unsafe, and we care about you! This will only take you a few extra minutes, and your exit/return home afterward is super easy.

What you need to bring;

- A willingness to get dirty!

- Backpack with lunch, snacks, plenty of water

- Rain gear, work clothes, and layers

- Sturdy footwear; work boots or tough hiking boots. Riding shoes may be inapropriate for many tasks.

- Safety glasses and work gloves if you have them

- Bring your bike! We will be conveniently based at the very center of this trail loop and will take time to ride after digging.

Evergreen will provide;

- All the tools needed

- Some work gloves and safetey glasses may be available


Please note; there are no restroom facilities at this location. Backcountry rules apply, please be prepared.


Crew Leader: Bryan Connolly



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