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We have suspended all Evergreen community events, education classes, volunteer work parties and in-person meetings through May 31st. This applies statewide across our 8 chapters. If you have signed up for an Evergreen-sponsored event happening during this time, you will be contacted by an administrator.

Good news: You can host a virtual event, and add it to the Evergreen calendar same way as any other event before. Simply log in and hit the New Event button.

Evergreen SW - Lacamas work party

11/16/2019,  8:30 am - 11:30 am
Work Parties


Evergreen MTB SW – LACAMAS Work Party 11/16


Please RSVP to


Date – November 16th


Time – Safety meeting starts at 8:30 so try and sign in a few minutes before. Finish up around 11:30.


Where - NW corner of Woodburn Elementary School off of Crown road.              https://goo.gl/maps/bcYyJTaoTTxRvZhW9


Tools – Please bring your own. Leaf rake, Mcleoud, hard tined rake, shovel, etc.


Gear - Gloves, long pants, toed shoes required.


Waivers – There will be two waivers to sign. Clark Parks and Evergreen MTB.


Minors - Minors need the additional Clark Parks waiver and a parent/guardian with them at all times.


More event info on Facebook under the Lacamas Trails Advocacy Group events tab and on Evergreen SW's page.