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Winter Stoke Leap Year Edition: Different Stoke for Winter Folk

02/29/2020,  4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

WinterStokeOnTheSlopesCome join the Evergreen Cascades to Sound Chapter to celebrate the best of winter and get stoked for a great season of riding mountain bikes. We'll meet up for some rowdy laps on Sliver Fir, chill by the fire pit and tell stories over a drink or two.

All ages event!

Discount Snoqualmie tickets for Evergreen members:
Group Name: EMBA (case sensitive)
Password: WSTOKE2020 (case sensitive)

Please Note: Tickets for this event must be purchased online by 2/27. Discount tickets will not be available the day before or day of.

Each ticket purchased via this special offer supports Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance: $5.00 will be donated to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for each Evergreen Winter Stoke Event lift ticket purchased online in advance.

More details can be found on the Facebook Event Page.