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Issaquah HS Team Work Party at Tokul West

02/18/2020,  9:30 am -  3:00 pm
Work Parties

The Tokul West Trails Rehab project continues. The Issaquah HS Mtn Bike Team will be working on the new Bypass climbing trail (Doule Bypass?). We’ll also give DIY some much needed maintenance. Anyone who has the week off or doesn’t work on Tuesdays can help too. We’ll be meeting in the Tokul West Parking lot (Fall City Park) at 9:30. We’ll gather tools and the team will pedal up while Peter drives up with the tools. We’ll work until 3:00 or so.  Bring work gloves, water, lunch/snacks and a rake or shovel. Email me with any questions ().


The Issaquah HS team is still looking for teens who want to join them. Check out their website: http://www.issaquahmtb.com/.

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