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Crank Sisters Intermediate Ride, Tapeworm

10/26/2019, 10:00 am -  1:00 pm

Evergreen Crank Sisters Women's Group Intermediate  Ride, Tapeworm
This ride is for anyone who identifies as female.

Meet at Phillip-Arnold Park  at 10 AM.
Starting time is 10:15 AM.  Please be on time--we cannot wait more than 10 minutes for late arrivers.
Ride leader contact info:  Rachel Robinson, 425-736-2382
Suggested Equipment: elbow and knee armor, optional
Trails: Silkworm, Parasite, Tapeworm.

 This is subject to change based on weather, trail conditions, etc.
Conditions for cancellation: heavy wind, lightning, deep snow.  If a ride must be canceled, the ride leader will attempt to contact anyone signed up by 3pm the day before the ride.
Grunt rating: some short climbs.  Lots of twisty, rooty, technical XC fun.
Crank Sisters have a no-drop policy--we will regroup often and adjust the pace based on riders' preference.

Sessioning is encouraged.

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