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Paradise Valley Work Party

12/10/2017,  9:30 am
Work Parties
Doug Chase

We got some great work done on Cedar Run last week.  We got the all the upper bridges cleaned, plus the big one with the two drops.  Man that last one was green and furry!  We got all the puddles taken care of down to the big bridge.  


This week we'll finish up the bottom section of Cedar Run which has one more bridge, and we'll work over the long bridge on Southern Traverse.  Then we'll work Twisted Hemlock.  It needs to be brushed and it has a section where the trail is eroding and needs to be benched deeper into the side hill.


Please bring, if you have them: 


Boots / work gloves / water / lunch

Leaf rake for brushing trail

Wire brushes and folding saw for cleaning bridges

Shovel / McLeod / Rogue hoe for fixing puddles and clearing drains


I have lots of spare tools so if you don't have any tools but want to help anyway, then come on out.  


If it's raining lightly we'll work.  If it's raining heavily we'll cancel.  If the work party is cancelled I'll send an email by 8:30am to everybody that is signed up on this page.  We'll usually work for 3-4 hours, and you're free to work as long or short as you want.  


Meet at the 205th St. trailhead.  Note that this is not the main parking lot.  Point your GPS to 18233 NE 205th St, Woodinville, WA 98077 and that should get you to the right place.  






Location 18233 NE 205th St., Woodinville 98077
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