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Double Trouble rebuild

07/18/2017,  3:00 pm
Work Parties

Tuesday, July 18, from 3pm-7pm, I would  to invite you to be a part of the rebuilding of Double Trouble. This is a great opportunity to learn what goes into planning and building a progressive jump line of a specific difficulty.


Our goal is to build a line which would start where Gravy Train leaves off, and builds the skills and confidence to hit the first jump on Big Tree, or Semper. Most of the current line will be built up and modified to fit this criteria, with the prep work to be started by a large corporate party earlier in the day.


In the afternoon, we will start shaping and packing features, discussing planning, and listening to ideas about the line.  Be ready to move some dirt! Gloves, water, snacks, and refreshments are suggested. Meet us by the toolbox around 3 or out on the trail any time after 3.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to me, Brandon, via email at  or txt at 360-324-9706.  

Location Duthie Hill
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