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Troy's Raging Tiger Taco Tuesday Ride

07/18/2017,  6:00 pm

Join us as we tackle the new Raging River Ridge trail...here are the details. We will meet at the base of the gate to Raging River access rd. Take exit 27 off highway 90 and go right. The road will start to turn to the left and there is a locked access road gate on the right. That is where we will meet. There is plenty of parking along the road or you can drive up the road and park in the DNR parking lot. 

The ride: We will ride up the new two way climbing trail as far as folks want to climb. There are 2 natural turn around points, one 6 1/2 miles up (awesome views) and one 8 1/2 miles up (the end of the trail). Then you turn around and ride the flowy trail back down. I have yet to climb it but folks who have tell me it is a mellower climb than master link but it is longer and gains more elevation. 

Afterwards we will have our usual award winning BBQ! Email me at petersherrill@gmail.com if you have any questions.



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