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Swan Creek Work Party

06/21/2017, 10:00 am -  2:00 pm
Work Parties

Swan Creek Trails need a haircut! It's maintenance season and this frequent shift between rain and sun is quickly making the trails become overgrown! 

This work party will focus on clearing the brush and reopening the corridors of the trails to make them safe and enjoyable for everyone! we will start on the Hustle and flow downhill, move onto Murphy's Law, recess, and RCA. Breaking bad may also be tackled. After clearing brush we have a few options and other projects that we can tackle!

Bring gloves, boots, eye protection. Tools provided.

Meet at the gate by Lister Elementary by 10am. You are welcome to leave or go ride whenever you wish!


Text Tom 425-444-0861 for questions or directions to where we are working. 

Location Swan Creek Mountain Bike Park
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