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Wenatchee Spring ride: Sage Hills and #2 Canyon

04/22/2017,  7:30 am

EDITED 4/20 - Slight change in plans. #2 Canyon is still too snowed over. The plan right now is to do a slightly bigger ride at Sage Hills instead.

Fields of yellow flowers. Ribbons of buttery smooth single track. Thoughts of Led Zeppelin running through your head. Can only mean one thing. It must be April and  time for the annual west side invasion of Evergreen mountain bikers to the best spring riding in all of Washington, the hills around Wenatchee. Satruday, April 22 we invade Wenatchee and take no prisoners, just pictures as we hit up Sage Hills in the morning and #2 Canyon in the afternoon. Sage Hills has, well, sage and plenty of wildflowers.  I guarantee you will be sleeping with a big smile on your face Saturday night. Anyone who has advanced beginner or better skills is welcome to attend. We will meet at the Preston Park and Ride at 7:30 am to set up carpools and be at the bottom of  Horse Lake Rd. outside Wenatchee at 10:00am. We are planning on having 2 riding groups. An 'A' group will go at a faster pace and go higher up Sage Hills and see how far they can go heading over towards #2 Canyon.  A 'B' group will do a more traditional Sage Hills ride at a slightly slower pace. Trailforks.com has a great map of the Sage Hills trails.  Sage Hills map The 'B' route will be Balsum Root, Coyote Canyon,  Lightning, Apricot Orchard, Glacier View,  Homestead, Little Moab, Jack Hammer. The ride is on almost all single track and the descents are mostly smooth and flowy. Make sure you have water, food, and a reliable bike. I'm guessing we will be riding for about 3 hours. Afterwards we have several options. We can try to sneak in a lap on Xanadu (near Pesashtin which is a more technical ride, get a late lunch, or head back over the Cascades. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.


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