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May in the 'Way: Saturday Ride

05/20/2017, 10:00 am -  4:00 pm
Bob Bournique

May in the 'way 2017! New first half to introduce the regulars to more terrain in the basin. Finish will be the old ride out from camp to the large meadow. In reverse. Multiple Ride leaders if needed to keep the groupings smaller. Saturday ride for all abilities. Long ride at 24 muiles and short is around 14-16... Groups to be split by ability, distance, and pace. Jeremy can't make it this year for barbeque so we will be having a "Build your own burrito" bar. Bring your favorite ingredients or something to wrap them in. Discover Pass Required now primitive camping at the Teanaway campground. DNR is asking for TP donations so please bring what you can to donate. E-mail for D-tail.

Location Teanaway Community Forest
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