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Flowtron 3000 v4.0 rebuild work party

01/23/2022,  9:00 am -  2:00 pm
Work Parties

CANCELLED - I tested positive for COVID. We'll get back to working on it next week. We will be working on rebuilding the iconic FLowtron 3000 trail at Tokul East. Help bring back some of the spice the original builders baked into the trail back in the days when the trees were tall, and the exit was swampy-spicy. Adding some step ups and step downs as well as a few nice surprises. I'll be meeting folks near the Tokul gate at 9 (see Map - Tokul Rd is at the roundabout above the falls). Or folks can simply pedal up to the trail from one of the normal Tokul parking lots. I'm hoping CG isn't logging on Sunday since right now they are busy sawing trees across the street from the entrance. If that is the case we'll meet at the bottom of the trail and work up from there. Have gloves and bring a shovel, rake or hoe if you want me to drive it up to the site (I do have tools). Any questions - shoot me an email.

parking near the gate