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Ladies Gravel Ride

11/11/2020,  5:30 pm -  7:00 pm
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Join us for a ladies after work night ride!


Meet at 5:30pm rolling with lights by 5:45pm

Aprox 10 mile moderately flat 2% grade gravel trail along the Cedar River.

This ride is perfect for those wanting to try night riding or just can't get in a ride after work before it gets dark.  We will be on a packed gravel trail with no cars the whole ride.  The trails is mderately flat most of the way so this is perfect for begginers or those just getting back into riding.  Pace for this first ride will be moderate, able to hold a conversation as riding. 

We will start at my house so parking is safe, Address will be emailed or texted to all RSVPs.

Follow all social distance guidence- Please do not join group rides if you are experiencing syptoms or have been n contact with anyone who may have contracted Covid.  We will require masks at start and any time stopped in a group or you can't maintain 6' separation.  A buff works great as you can pull it up and down as needed. 

Lights!!  Yes you will need your own lights ideally a helmet light/ headlamp and one for the handle bar. We will be on the road for a very short 2 blocks, but you will also want a rear flassing red.

Dress in layers and bring water, there is a porta potty halfway if neeed.


If this is popular we may make these night rides a regular thing in the Maple Valley area. I would be ok with expanding to CoEd should ladies want to bring their partners or friends. 


Ride leader -Sherri Brady


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